How Stress Affects your Oral Health?

Cheerless woman having toothache

In the fast-paced world we live in today, it is inevitable to miss some stressful periods that arise due to work, family or any other issue that destabilizes your emotional equilibrium. Putting up with the stress can be quite challenging leading to extended periods of anxiety and other problems associated with stress. Stress does not only affect your mental state but also your physical health. It is therefore important that you educate yourself on the various ways that stress might affect your health. In this article, you will enlighten yourself on the effects of stress on your oral health. Below are some of the ways that stress can affect your oral health. Visit the official site for more information about dentist del mar.


This is a condition where you grind your teeth during your sleep. It results from stress. If you do not have a piece of mind and you to bed stressed up, you are likely to develop bruxism, which will lead to damaging of your teeth. One of the ways that you might know that you are grinding your teeth during your sleep is when you wake up having headaches. In severe cases of this condition, a night guard might be prescribed to check on you so that you do not grind your teeth and harm yourself during the night.

Dry mouth

Stress is one of the major contributors of dry mouth. When you are under stressful conditions, your mouth does not produce a lot of saliva, which plays a very big role in your oral health. One of the roles saliva plays in your mouth is cleaning food particles from your mouth after eating. One way that you can prove stress leads to absence of saliva in your body, is when you get into a stressful appointment and ask for water when talking due to lack of saliva. Continuous stress, might lead to perpetual inadequacy of saliva in your mouth further risking your oral health. Follow the link for more information about dentist la jolla.

Oral hygiene and nutrition

When you are stressed up, you might find yourself engrossed in a lot of activities that you forget taking care of your oral health. You might skip brushing your teeth a day or two, which puts your oral health at risk of getting infections. In line with this, when you are stressed up, you will be less concerned about food that you even forget to feed yourself on proper diets. This might lead to deficiencies in important vitamins and nutrients that are good for your oral health.