Stress and How it Impacts on Your Oral Health

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There are various factors that determine oral health, in which stress is one of them. Stress greatly contributes to oral problems as it can lead to improper lifestyle choices which in effect can negatively affect your oral health. Go to the reference of this site for more information about dentist san diego.

During stressful times, cortisol is released and acts to trim down inflammation or swelling in the body. But, if the inflammation persists the cortisol level keeps on soaring, inflicting havoc on the immune system and the ability of the body to take care of infections. Along with the increase in the body’s cortisol level is an increase in acid production, which changes the saliva’s level of acidity. Elevated acidity levels make the mouth a suitable environment for bacteria to reproduce or thrive, increasing our risk for infection, gum diseases, and dental decay. At the same time, stress can cause the body to purge out the minerals inside of it, such as calcium which is essential for our teeth and bones. This flushing out of minerals along with an additionally acidic as well as bacteria contaminated setting explains why stress makes us more susceptible to dental cavities. Also, when the immune system is suppressed, it raises our susceptibility to developing, if not worsening gum problems.

The possible effects of stress as well as anxiety on your oral health is astounding, from bruxism (clenching or grinding of the teeth), facial pain, mouth sores, mouth ulcers and cold sores, improper oral hygiene, to further gum diseases and tooth decay. Bruxism or grinding can be very destructive to the teeth and jaws, and eating can be painful in addition to difficulty in chewing, damaged, cracked or chipped teeth, and facial pain. Bruxism is often experienced at night and it isn’t a condition you can knowingly control. It can deprive you of good quality sleep and your jaw might hurt when you wake up. To read more about the dentist la jolla, follow the link.

In order to maintain good oral health, managing stress becomes highly important. Sometimes, people can be so mired by stress, anxiety, and depression that they just forget about their oral hygiene. Studies discovered that emotions play an important role in the emergence of gum disease among adults. Researchers likewise have established that the acuteness of the gum disease is linked to the level of stress. People who were most susceptible to gum disease were the ones who were troubled by the financial problems they were dealing with.

Additionally, stress can lead to mouth sores and mouth ulcers. While the exact reason behind these ulcers is not completely understood, stressful episodes trigger their emergence. Stress causes chronic cold sores and worsens the existing ones. A General Dentistry Journal report reveals that mouth ulcers is highly prevalent among students but appear less often when their stress levels are lower such as during breaks or after graduation.

When it comes to avoiding stress-related dental problems and preserving good oral health, regular visits to a dentist San Diego is your best option.